About the Mountain Lake Reader

Growing out of biennial music teacher education colloquia and the intermittent conversations connecting them, The Mountain Lake Reader is dedicated to a continuing conversation about matters important in the study and practice of music teaching. The colloquia were and are characterized by a delightful mixture of intensity, playfulness, confusion, wonder, irreverence and complexity; throughout, however, a serious commitment to a better understanding of and a subsequent improvement of our work in ways democratic was evident. The Reader is an attempt to capture the spirit and momentum of these gatherings within the covers of a journal.

Issue No. 1   Spring 1999

Issue No. 2   Spring 2001

Issue No. 3   Spring 2004

Issue No. 4   Spring 2006

Issue No. 5   Spring 2009

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The Mountain Lake Reader is published biennially in the spring. Back issues of the Readers may be purchased at a cost of $20 per issue.

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Issue No. 6   Spring 2015

We are pleased to present The Mountain Lake Reader: Conversations on the Study and Practice of Music Teaching, Issue 6. The Reader features the work of scholars who address such themes as culturally responsive practice, early childhood music, secondary general music, reform in music teacher education, and the preparation of music teacher educators. 


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