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Mountain Lake Colloquium

for teachers of general music methods

About the Colloquium

The Mountain Lake Colloquium for Teachers of General Music Methods is a biennial gathering in Mountain Lake, Virginia, founded by Nancy Boone Allsbrook and Mary Goetze and sponsored by Middle Tennessee State University, the Society for Music Teacher Education, and NAfME: The National Association for Music Education.


The first Mountain Lake Colloquium was held at Mountain Lake Resort in Virginia in 1991. This Colloquium created a noncompetitive and supportive atmosphere where college professors and music education leaders could share their strengths and weaknesses, triumphs and misgivings.  Our goals were to allow our established colleagues to reflect and offer guidance to us and encourage young faculty and graduate students to inspire us with their fresh perspective and optimism,” say founders Nancy Boone Allsbrook and Mary Goetze. “We wanted to celebrate participants’ promotions, teaching awards, grants, new positions and responsibilities and express our concern for those who were ill or experiencing difficulties, and we knew it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t make music each day and dance for the sheer joy of it.” Meeting every other year since 1991, the Mountain Lake Colloquium focuses specifically on issues and concerns of partnering, public policy, educational structure and planning, presentation, cognition skills, and other topics related directly to the teaching and learning of music. It is a model for quiet change in the profession.


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About the Colloquium
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