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The 17th Mountain Lake Colloquium

May 21-24, 2023

Mountain Lake Hotel & Lodge - Pembroke, VA

Renewing Community and Revising Practice
The 2023 Colloquium is now complete. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM FROM MLC 2023



The convergence of a global pandemic, deepening political polarization, and mass organized protests demanding social justice and systemic change has impacted many aspects of our society. Tumultuous times like these cause us to rethink almost everything about our discipline—how we teach our students, run our professional conferences, publish and make our research engaging for a broader public, serve our colleagues and communities, and influence policymakers and stakeholders. The 2023 symposium was our first opportunity to regather in person to share experiences, ideas, and hopes for the future.


The theme for this symposium was renewing community and revising practices within the field of general music teacher education. The symposium was a platform for reconnecting, revising, and rethinking in the post-pandemic era. 


Renewing community requires an exploration of the roles that environments and social bonds play in shaping hopes and opportunities to benefit all. This symposium explored change and evolving practices as we rebuild community in ways that widen opportunities, contribute broadly to music education, and improve the quality of people's lives through general music education.  Although we continue to face profound social challenges, we also have unprecedented opportunities to reimagine a more robust and resilient field of general music methods. This includes reframing the identities of our students and ourselves and thinking about who and what practices are supported and uplifted through our teaching, research, and service. Trends indicate an emergent diverse demographic of students who expect solutions to pressing societal issues related to equity, inclusion, and social justice and who will question how the teaching of general music can help foster growth in these areas. 










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