The Mountain Lake Colloquium has been held biennially since 1991.  Click on the links below to view archived programs from those years.

Past Colloquia

2017 Colloquium - May 21-24

Keynote Speakers: Alice-Ann Darrow and Cassie Meador

2017 Mountain Lake Program


2015 Colloquium - May 17-20

Keynote Speakers: Patricia Shehan Campbell, Martha Gonzalez, and Quetzal Flores

2015 Mountain Lake Program


2013 Colloquium - May 19-22

Keynote Speakers: Ysaye Barnwell and Gloria Ladson-Billings

2013 Mountain Lake Program


2011 Colloquium - May 15-18

Keynote Speaker: Virginia Richardson

2011 Mountain Lake Program


2009 Colloquium - May 17-20

Keynote Speaker: Nel Noddings

2009 Mountain Lake Program


2007 Colloquium - May 20-23

Keynote Speakers: Estelle Jorgensen and Bennett Reimer

2007 Mountain Lake Program


2005 Colloquium - May 22-25  

Keynote Speaker: Libby Larsen

2005 Mountain Lake Program


2003 Colloquium - May 16-19

Keynote Speakers: Tom Barone and Marie McCarthy

2003 Mountain Lake Program


2001 Colloquium 

Keynote Speakers: Rena Upitis, Georgann Eubanks, and Donna Campbell

2001 Mountain Lake Program


1999 Colloquium 

Keynote Speaker: Richard Colwell

Opening Remarks - David G. Woods, Dean, 

Indiana University School of Music


1997 Colloquium 

Keynote Speaker: Wanda May

1997 Mountain Lake Program


1995 Colloquium 

Keynote Speaker: David Elliott

1995 Mountain Lake Program


1993 Colloquium 

Keynote Speakers: Patricia Shehan Campbell and Sally Monsour

1993 Mountain Lake Program


1991 Colloquium 

Keynote Speakers: Eunice Boardman and Carol Scott-Kassner

1991 Mountain Lake Program