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The Mountain Lake Reader



Growing out of biennial music teacher education colloquia and the intermittent conversations connecting them, The Mountain Lake Reader was dedicated to a continuing conversation about matters important in the study and practice of music teaching. The colloquia were and are characterized by a delightful mixture of intensity, playfulness, confusion, wonder, irreverence and complexity; throughout, however, a serious commitment to a better understanding of and a subsequent improvement of our work in ways democratic was evident. The Reader was an attempt to capture the spirit and momentum of these gatherings within the covers of a journal.

Issue No. 6

Spring 2015

Issue No. 3

Spring 2004

Issue No. 5

Spring 2009

Issue No. 2

Spring 2001

Issue No. 4

Spring 2006

Issue No. 1

Spring 1999

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Subscription Information

Back issues of the Readers may be purchased at a cost of $20 per issue.


Please send a check or money order along with your mailing address to:


Jennifer Vannatta-Hall

Music Department

Middle Tennessee State University

Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37132


Please make your check or money order payable to MTSU-The Mountain Lake Reader.

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